Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Dear Jesus,

First, I wish to express my gratitude for the gifts You have given ME. Your selfless example of love, light and healing are with me always.

I’m sorry that the beginning – and the end – of your life were filled with so much turmoil. I’m sorry that they couldn’t make room at that inn for a pregnant woman and her husband. I’m sorry that there are those who love power more than people. I’m sorry that your very existence was turned into a vehicle for fear by those who felt their status may be threatened. I’m sorry that those people were so successful at perpetuating that fear that it cost your life. I want You to know that it was not in vain.

I love You. I have done my best to teach my children of your example, and they, too, love You. All who know me (and I hope others whose lives I have touched) know that You are my guide, and my FRIEND.

On this day, I just want to re-commit myself to You and your example. I will spend more time LIVING what I know and less time TALKING about it. I will attempt to recognize the good in everything. I will be more open to, and aware of, miracles. I will do my part to perpetuate good. I will carry You with me always. I will seek good. I will be Love. I will go forth with a grateful heart in all things. I will seek the lesson in the trials I face. I will show compassion to all. I will express gratitude. I will be patient. I will make a positive difference. I will do better today than I did yesterday, and better tomorrow than today.

I will be the change I wish to see in the world. I WILL LIVE YOUR EXAMPLE and the examples of others who came before and after You. I will accept others, not just tolerate them. I will talk to You and our Father every day. I will listen for your inspiration and gentle nudges. I will love ALL others, even if some must be at a distance. I will love YOU.

Happy (day we celebrate your) Birthday, Jesus!

I love You,

❤ Becca




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