Happy New Year!

I wonder if there are a thousand other people sitting at their computers, just like me, thinking “New year, new ME! I have so much to say…I’m finally going to start my blog!” And I wonder, too, if they, like me, are suddenly drawing a blank; where to start?

I have spent the last several weeks watching videos about blogging, comparing blog sites, reading about blogging, reading blogs…and finally decided that I just want to write. So I chose the best platform, decided to just get started, and…here I sit. 🙂

I have lived on this planet for nearly half a century. I’m not special, or better than anyone, or even unique. But I have been around a while. I like to think that I have made a positive difference in my time here, and I would very much like to continue doing that. I like to think it’s possible that –  just maybe – my experiences will help someone else. If in no other way than to let them know that they’re not the only person who has experienced, or is experiencing (fill in the blank).

Life is good. Life sucks. Life is “meh”. Life is LIFE. And you can be sure that it will continue to be all of those things, given the opportunity. You can also be sure that it will never stay ANY of those things. So if you’re having a good day, revel in it! If you’re having a bad day, hang in there! “Meh!” you say? That’s a good day in waiting!

I firmly believe that God put 7 billion people on this earth all at the same time simply to help each other through it! It is no mistake that we are all here together.

So! Grab a cuppa coffee/glass of milk/spot o’ tea, and let’s DO THIS 2017 THING!




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